Summary of the Barcelona Salón del Cómic

swcatalunya/ April 5, 2017/ Conventions, Home

Another year, we have been in the Salón del cómic de Barcelona. In this 35th edition we have had unforgettable moments.   As is customary, we have had many activities and all of them have been working to the full. The drawing contest, the costume, facial makeup, balloon workshop, the Jedi school … and, a novelty that you liked a

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Thanks for the patience, Cuernavilla! (video)

swcatalunya/ February 26, 2017/ Conventions, Home

The last Saló del Cinema i les Sèries was amazing! Cuernavilla was one of the responsible for that, for us, it was giving us the amazing figure we drew. Of course … they had to endure as intruders to their store and the attempted robbery that our Jawas tried to carry out. Thanks for the patience and good humor, comrades

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Video summary of Saló del cinema i les sèries 2017

swcatalunya/ February 5, 2017/ Conventions, Home

A week has passed since the Saló del Cinema i les Sèries with our friends from Cuernavilla and Holored Estelar Sevilla and we have our “summary” video! Well … a lot has happened and it’s hard to sum it up any more. We hope you enjoy it! May the force be with you!

Summary of Saló del cinema i les Sèries 2017

swcatalunya/ February 3, 2017/ Conventions, Home

The last weekend the second saló of the cinema i les sèries was celebrated in La Farga and, as in its first edition, we were invited. It was a weekend full of activities, meetings with old mates and new members who, for sure, will give much joy in Star Wars Catalunya !!!   For the beggining, we want to apologize

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Get this figure with us in Saló del Cinema i les sèries!

swcatalunya/ January 25, 2017/ Conventions, Home

Do not miss the opportunity to get this great figure with us, courtesy of Cuernavilla during the Saló del Cinema i les sèries this year in the charity raffle that we organized. The benefits will be fully allocated to our charitable work. Each participation (ticket) costs one euro. The draw will take place on public and we will announce the

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!!! Everything is ready for the Saló del Cinema i les Sèries !!!

swcatalunya/ January 20, 2017/ Conventions, Home

!!! Engines ON for our next event !! Our friends from Cuernavilla give us this fantastic figure of a Royal Guard, elite collection of Attaku. This is a limited edition of 3000 units, has a certificate of authenticity. You can get it by participating in the draw that we will make in our booth of the Saló del Cinema i

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Saló del Cinema i les Sèries

swcatalunya/ January 9, 2017/ Conventions, Home

Star Wars Catalunya will be in Saló del Cinema i les Sèries from January 27th to 29th,     you´ll can take pictures with the characters of our favorite saga, participate in the drawing contest, collaborate with our work of solidarity and many more activities.

Winner of the drawing of the Salón del Manga 2016

swcatalunya/ December 14, 2016/ Conventions, Home

Our friend Toni already has the lot he won in the draw that we made in the Salón del Manga 2016. As you know, what we collect in these drawings is dedicated to our charitable and solidarity work. Thanks a lot to  Landrómina for giving us the figures in a disinterested way and to Planeta Comic for the books.