About Us

Star Wars Catalonia was born in 2011 as a group of friends who shared a passion: getting into the skin of a character fromStar Wars, both imperial and rebel.

We decided to bring this magical fantasy world where we could, with the same enthusiasm that brought us together.

With our dedication, we have achieved that our costumes and armors are the most faithful as possible to the ones in the films. Through our forum, we share our knowledge in this area and everyone can ask questions and be advised about the suit orarmor he wants to make. Due to this, our group has grown with newcomers who, being interested in our work, have becomepart of it.

Finally, in 2013, we formally constituted the group as a non-profit association. Today we continue growing and offering ourexpertise and our spirit wherever we go.

The events we attend must have a socio-cultural, educational and/or solidary nature, preferably within the Autonomous Community of Catalonia (although we have collaborated in other communities) and related to the world of Star Wars , fantasy andscience fiction in general.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us info@starwarscatalunya.com

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