Summary of Saló del cinema i les Sèries 2017

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The last weekend the second saló of the cinema i les sèries was celebrated in La Farga and, as in its first edition, we were invited.

It was a weekend full of activities, meetings with old mates and new members who, for sure, will give much joy in Star Wars Catalunya !!!


For the beggining, we want to apologize to all the attendees who came to see our spectacular Chewbacca, because he was ill and could not be in the salon.



Also tell you, we have in our ranks a new member, Kit Fisto!
Welcome Andreu!


We had a mini “display” of patches from all of our friends around the world.
A thousand thanks to J.Tudela for lending us part of such an extensive collection and a greeting to the Fuerza Imperial de Tenerife , Planeta Kôrdhova Fan-Page, Golden Gate Garrison and 501st Wisconsin Garrison
The patches looked luxurious in our stand. 🙂



Children and adults could become characters of Star Wars thanks to our make-up artist Mireia and to, that yielded the paintings to us. Also thank Albert and Miquel for their help in the makeup process.



We were fortunate to have Juan Carlos Gustems on our stand, a bender in General Draven’s Rogue One film.
Thank you so much for the visit!



The walls of reality were weakened and different universes were mixed !!!
Science Fiction is a meeting point for a lot of friends, no matter if we are fans of Star Trek, Star Gate, V or Star Wars, as you can see we got a great relationship.
Thanks to Club Star Trek España, Stargate Legend and Xavier Lupiánez and their companions.



Pol and his father, Tony, visited us on Saturday. As you know, Pol suffers from a rare disease, Non-Cetoscopic Hyperglycemia-Nkh-Hnc, and his father created ProyectoPol to raise awareness of Pol’s challenges and to raise funds for research into this disease. From Star Wars Catalunya we collaborated collecting donations for the Project and for the maintenance of Pol and in the salón del cinema i les sèries we gave him the money that you have so generously contributed. Thank you very much to all!
Pol, may the Force be with you!



We were able to ride in a race pod and feel a little closer to the Star Wars universe thanks to our friends from Sevilla HoloRed Estelar.



Finally, thank all of those who went there and contibuted with any of our causes.
And to finish, thank also Albert Caraballo Llop, our special guest, who could make our parade something even more spectacular, if possible, with his Shore Tropper




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