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Star Wars Catalunya is a group of fans who participate in events of all kinds in favor of Catalan charities. Although we collaborate with different associations on a regular events, we also do events eventually with other entities that request our support in solidarity acts.

For the next May 21 we are preparing the First Solidarity Day Star Wars Catalunya, in which our love for the galactic saga will allow us to promote the charities we support. The event, which we are sure will arouse a multitude of emotions among the audience, will take advantage of the 40th anniversary celebration of the film’s premiere. All activities will take place at  La Farga Congress Hospitalet and we expect between 2,500 and 3,000 attendees.

How could it be otherwise, Bananaprint will offer custom t-shirts and Star Wars related material. The items (exclusively for members) will be a Gildan Heavy Blend Hoody, a Soft Shell Roly Antartida, and a Fruit of the Loom Value Weight T-shirt. All the garments have been chosen in royal blue. The sweatshirt and soft shell will feature custom details in chest and back to all color, and the shirt alone in the chest. Bananaprint will also offer T-shirts for sale to attendees. A magnificent opportunity to take home a beautiful memory of a day in which solidarity will go hand in hand with the passion for a movie written in golden letters in the book of film history.

The associations with which we collaborate on a regular basis will have a space to set up their stands, from which they will inform about their initiatives and activities. In addition, there will be a space to donate blood from the hand of Banc de Sang i Teixits, with which we collaborate, and visitors will be able to take part in the exhibitions on suits, uniforms, accessories and weapons that appear in the film, besides Attend lectures on how to make armor and how to marry science and cinema. There will also be draws and fun activities designed for the occasion, all enlivened by artists who will make their art available to the audience, enabling them to actively live an environment inspired by their favorite film.

Among the activities that are planned include a drawing contest with the theme of Star Wars in which the winners will receive their awards and a workshop balloons in which children can build their own lightsaber. You can also color Star Wars images, participate in a Jedi fencing workshop or a metal workshop, and make up as your favorite Star Wars character.

Another of the most anticipated activities is an exhibition of Jedi fencing, which will be accompanied by fun photocalls with the characters of Star Wars, the experience of flying a starship under the effects of video chroma, and the possibility of purchasing patches, plates and shirts Personalized and clothing inspired by the film.

All the benefits of the tickets, the sale of merchandising and the drawings will be donated to the associations with which we collaborate regularly. The greater the success of the call, the more money we will get for charities. We are sure that the success in the participation will allow us to grow in the call of next year.
May the force be with you!

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