Interview at UA1 Lleida radio

Today they did an interview with our president in UA1 Lleida Radio. Next we link the audio interview. 🙂


Thanks to the program L’Hora Freak for the opportunity to make us known!


Link to UA1 Lleida web

The countdown begins…

The new teaser ep.VIII leaves us wanting more … we will be able to resist ??


More smiles at the Hospital of Santa Creu i Sant Pau

Last Wednesday we were in the Hospital of Santa Creu i Sant Pau, bringing the children there, gifts and smiles, as is customary.

!!! A lot of force to all !!!

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Tickets on sale on April 21st

Our Jawas are working hard to get the tickets system ready for April 21st.

Hopefully in Tatooine there is a good connection and can carry out this mission!


Cuernavilla store premiere

Last Saturday we were softening the inauguration of the new store of our friends in Cuernavilla.

The new location is located on Calle Santa Eulàlia, 44 of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.
Do not forget to visit them!

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Summary of the Barcelona Salón del Cómic

Another year, we have been in the Salón del cómic de Barcelona.

In this 35th edition we have had unforgettable moments.


As is customary, we have had many activities and all of them have been working to the full.

The drawing contest, the costume, facial makeup, balloon workshop, the Jedi school … and, a novelty that you liked a lot, the pins workshop!




These have been the winners of the drawing competition:

17522533_1300393873341662_2358679923006057708_n 17626412_1298579800189736_387992224714690094_n 17634646_1298579790189737_3211499790761778864_n 17634703_1300393880008328_3521044466671433811_n17634828_1297574230290293_7858940994986939686_n 17760105_1300821863298863_3967757026139490734_n 17795683_1300393876674995_8655339339969820911_n 17634703_1300393880008328_3521044466671433811_n













And those of the costume contest:

17626123_1298577906856592_5961994676508988471_n 17626446_1298577910189925_1333910785157375334_n



We also had a fantastic draw.

Thanks to Landrómina who gave us the figures and Planeta Cómic that gave us the books, we were able to get around a lot of Star Wars products. Congratulations to the lucky one!



One more time, Mr.Raindrop Art was delighting averyone with his wonderful portraits.

All the proceeds of to her art has been destined to  Asociación Miradas que hablan duplicación mecp2 and ProjectPol.

Thank you !!




The companions of ACCUH allowed us to access their incredible aircraft and vehicles and we made a good handful of photos.

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We had an unexpected visit, Bella finally found her beast in our Chewbacca.




We meet again with old friends and we do not hesitate to immortalize the moment.

Thanks to Club Star Trek from Spain and Stargate Legend for the good times.



The team of 8 al dia was at our stand and could not resist taking pictures with our characters.


Here we leave the video to you:



On Saturday we were with friends of Devir Iberia playing a game to the new Star Wars Carcassonne and talking a little about our association.


And last but not least, we thank our new friends in Liando Comics, who gave us precious designs for new projects. You are great, guys !!


We hope to see you again, and to continue to raise funds for the causes with which we collaborate.


Happy Birthday, Ewan !

Today is the 46th birthday of Ewan Mcgregor, the actor who plays Obi Wan Kenobi.

For many more, Ewan!


We were supporting The Earth Hour

On March 25th , we were supporting Earth Hour with our WWF friends,

We can not make interstellar trips and travel to another planets.
So, ! Let’s take care of the only one we have!

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